In the Studio with Adrian of Hermano Flower Shop

In the Studio with Adrian of Hermano Flower Shop

Meet our friend, Adrian Romano, owner and designer of the floral shop and studio Hermano Flower Shop based out of Mojave Flea in Palm Springs. We use his flowers in all of our photoshoots and are continually inspired by whatever he’s doing. Learn more about what inspires him, the community he’s building, and the exciting things in his future.

It’s interesting that you make beautiful floral arrangements along with a product line that tells your brand story, making Hermano accessible to a wider audience. 

Thank you so much. I feel flowers have many stories to tell, and I had to find a new avenue to be able to tell them. Designing clothes allows for a lot of creative freedom to express the feelings I get from every flower I work with. Flowers carry a lot of depth, and their colors and textures exude emotion. For example, the color red has been a symbol of love and passion. Throughout history, the rose and its thorns evoke a strong emotional reaction: love can be both beautiful and painful.

We know Hermano means brother in Spanish, but what does it mean to you?

There are so many things that come to mind. I wanted a name that was not only visually and phonetically appealing, I wanted it to have meaning. Friends, community, family—something I could build a world around. I also have three brothers, so I guess they were a part of the inspiration. And I also wanted a name that anyone could relate to and say easily—whether you're of Latin descent or not.

In the Studio with Adrian of Hermano Flower Shop

You have a tagline, “romanticize everything.” What does this mean to you? 

It’s my way of living. As a kid, I always observed the world and took in every detail. From conversations I overheard or observing behavior, there’s something beautiful in everything.

How did you get into/learn flower arranging? Do you have any favorite cut flowers or greenery at the moment?

The truth is I had a business partner. Initially, he was the arranger, and I inevitably picked it up. I learned it's like painting, working with composition, color, and texture.

I don’t have any favorite flowers. For me, it’s more about the collection of flowers that tell a story. I like for people to rummage through my arrangements and find new moments in every arrangement.

In the Studio with Adrian of Hermano Flower Shop

Entrepreneurship seems to run in your family. Along with your brother, who co-owns Palm Springs brewery Las Palmas, does anyone else have their own business?  How did you learn about starting a business, and how do you keep growing your knowledge?

I grew up seeing my mom working for herself. She started a cleaning business 27 years ago, she’s the OG entrepreneur, and my sister-in-law owns Vetiver Salon in Palm Springs. I knew I always wanted to have my own business. Hermano started as more of an art project, but turning it into a business seemed like the more logical and sustainable thing to do since I wanted it to be a permanent part of my life. I learn as I go and still don’t know what I'm doing sometimes, but that's the fun part. Growth has always been a priority for me.

I love your take on flowers, mixing romantic bouquets with streetwear while also highlighting your Mexican heritage. What is inspiring you right now?

Life is always going to be a big inspiration to me. My Mexican background definitely comes into play when designing my line of clothes. The imperfections, the colorways, handpainted buildings, the food—the raw feeling that the streets of Mexico I grew up in really inspire me. The contrast of beautiful people living in these environments has always stood out to me. The smell of gasoline, the cracked sidewalks with weeds growing out of them—these rundown environments have fueled me throughout my life as an artist.

Music is a big part of Hermano and your personal life. I love how you have made music, flowers, and streetwear all blend together seamlessly. We loved the tiny shows you host in your flower shop inside Mojave Flea. Any plans to do more of those in the future?

Thank you! Those were really great, and I loved putting them together. My passion for music allowed me to see the parallels between arranging flowers and composing music, and I realized they were one and the same. Those productions definitely helped fuel a new passion project, so, unfortunately, they won’t be making a comeback. 

In the Studio with Adrian of Hermano Flower Shop

Any future news you would like to share?

Yes! I just announced my latest endeavor, a HiFi vinyl listening bar in Indio called Rosemary that’ll be an extension of Hermano. I always wanted to implement community and music with Hermano but felt limited in the space we’re currently in. This new space allows us to grow together and experience something new as a community.

You can order Hermano’s flowers (local deliveries and pick up) and apparel through their site and make sure to follow them on IG so you can keep an eye out for any upcoming events or news. You can also shop IRL at Mojave Flea in Palm Springs.
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by Lynda on February 12, 2024

What a wonderful profile of a special sweet and creative soul! Love Adrian and can’t wait for his new venture to open.


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