Giving Tuesday with The Mojave Desert Land Trust

One of the reasons we chose to make the Mojave Desert our home is because of its expansive and other-worldly landscape, and its popularity for new residents and travelers has never been higher. 

There are as many as 700 species of animals and 2,000 species of plants in the Mojave Desert, but with recent urban growth and illegal recreational use, the desert’s habitat remains only 50% intact. Half of the Mojave’s land has been altered or disturbed, which is why it’s become increasingly important to protect this precious, invaluable land.

Since 2016, the Mojave Desert Land Trust has protected over 110,000 acres of ecologically significant land through a strategy that uses land acquisition, restoration, stewardship, plant cultivation, and education to ensure long-term preservation. They do this by purchasing these lands throughout the California desert region and working to ensure it is properly stewarded and maintained. Each acquisition supports the vision of a Mojave Desert with interconnected, permanently protected natural scenic areas that host a diversity of native plants and wildlife.

We support MDLT’s efforts to preserve the lands and animals so much that All Roads recently became an official sponsor, plus we’ve pledged to donate 10% of the proceeds from this year’s Shop Small Sale. 

While you can donate to MDLT year-round, your donation will make an extra big impact this Giving Tuesday, as their Board of Directors and a selection of their donors have generously pledged to match your donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $50,000. This donation will go to identifying and protecting wildlife corridors, acquiring and restoring land, growing native plants for restoration projects to ensure wildlife habitats remain intact, and educating the next generation about the Colorado and Mojave Deserts. 

Please join us in supporting this essential organization and its worthy and necessary mission of keeping our precious desert thriving and diverse. 


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