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All Roads x Peace Cabin Goods

Peace Cabin Goods
is a Philadelphia-based brand founded in 2020 by partners Daniel and Angela. We were so lucky to collaborate with them to create a collection of their Wingspread Cushions with some of our favorite fabrics from fall. We caught up with Daniel to learn more about their background, the brand, and what’s up next.

Before starting their own business, both Daniel and Angela spent time in the corporate fashion world. “For the most part, I enjoyed my time in corporate, but I will say I found it harder to find the creative work meaningful as the constant push for newness and the unrelenting number of seasons/collections increased tremendously from the time I started working in the industry,” says Daniel. 

All Roads x Peace Cabin Goods CollabAll Roads x Peace Cabin Goods Collab

And while they may have completely switched gears in their careers, their previous experience was vital to the development of their Japanese cushions. Daniel says, “Our shared backgrounds in menswear and specifically Angela’s time working in the denim world are foundational to our brand’s inspiration.” 

He continues, “There is a natural connection between the durable fabrics found in men’s apparel, workwear, and outdoor-centric products that have been intentional as we looked for a way to bring new life to such an ancient form of seating.” Their passion for quality, attention to detail, and craftsmanship are so clear in everything they make. 

All Roads x Peace Cabin Goods CollabAll Roads x Peace Cabin Goods Collab

And lucky for us, they’re just getting started. Aside from ours, they have some other exciting collaborations with small brands and retailers, like Akron Street and Windthrow, along with some larger-scale projects like with Parks Project and Backcountry. Daniel says, “There are more in the pipeline that we aren’t able to speak to yet, but honestly it just feels kind of unreal that this thing we started as an experiment out of our screen porch has ended up resonating with so many different brands and people.”

They’ve also got some hospitality-based projects on the horizon and more fun collaborations for the new year. “We’ve built giving back into our brand as a member of 1% for the planet, but we’d love to get to a scale where we could contribute even more,” says Daniel.

Since Daniel and Angela are so passionate about the outdoors, we couldn’t let them go without finding out their favorite places to spend time outside.

Favorite camp spot or region:

We try to mix it up between mountains and ocean. Western PA is beautiful and we are also not too far from the Catskills and the Adirondacks, which we try to get to every year. We also love coastal Maine, I (Daniel) grew up on boats in Ireland, so for me, camping is kind of a substitute for that and I like to visit regions where I can feel connected to the ocean.

Favorite place to find nature close to home?

‘Natural lands’ is a great resource for local nature opportunities. There are really so many options near where we live and South Eastern PA, New Jersey to explore. We are dog owners so each of us is out walling with her every other day and although sometimes that is literally just outside our front door, it feels like a nice consistent connection to the outdoors which we both hugely value.

Make sure you check out Peace Cabin’s full offering of U.S.-made cushions on their site. And you can shop the All Roads x Peace Cabin collaboration on our site now.


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