Vintage Moroccan Plaid Blanket 72" x 94"

Vintage Moroccan Plaid Blanket 72" x 94"


Vintage plaid blanket from Morocco. Traditionally used as bed covers, throw blankets or shawls. This blanket is the most heavy one of the assortment.

72" x 94"

We are so inspired by these beautiful one of kind woven blankets. They are in vintage condition, there may be holes, frays or threadbare areas. We feel this adds to the character of the piece, and carries a spirit of history and human touch through each one. We have included detail photographs of various areas of the blanket, but that does not mean that we have photographed all of the imperfections on each piece. Each blanket has been photographed on a full sized bed to show the scale.

We do not know the fiber content of these blankets. We were told they are cotton, but we believe that there is also some synthetic fibers mixed in some of them. We have washed these on cold and line dried them in the desert sun.

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