Cast Bronze Dish

Cast Bronze Dish


Sand cast bronze dish with curled up corners.  A fancy place to rest your bar of soap, jewels or burn incense on (best for cones or small Japanese style sticks) Comes with a small removable brass incense holder & 1 stick of Palo Santo. Will tarnish and age over use to a beautiful patina.

3" x 5"

We found a talented metal caster in the desert. He has been casting in sand for decades, and has built his own foundry way out in the desert that has been outfitted with chains and pulleys for him to operate by himself, a disabled artist. Practically everything he uses in his operation comes from the desert. He makes a recipe of copper and aluminum to create bronze using recycled materials he finds in the desert. The sand for his molds he harvested from abandoned desert mines. A desert memento.

The bronze is eye catching and gives us gold fever. Truly a special piece. Each casting is one of kind, made by hand, and there may be slight character discrepancies or imperfections. There is a textured surface due to the sand.

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