Does All Roads do custom work/commissions?

Yes. Most of our work is custom - both in metal and fiber. Send an email at with details of your inquiry and we would be happy to discuss further. For textiles, please also reference this guide on our process.

Do you work with art advisory firms?

Yes, and often. Please send us details about your project/space/inquiry.

Can I buy All Roads wholesale for my retail shop?

Please fill out this wholesale application form.

Does All Roads offer discount pricing to the trade industry?

Yes, on non-custom items. Please fill out this trade application form.

Can I do a studio visit?

Yes. We have a retail space in Old Town Yucca Valley. The space is also Janelle’s weaving studio. We call the space a “stordio”. We are open most Saturdays from October - June. Since it is Janelle’s studio, she works there most weekdays, so if the curtain is open, she is probably there. If you would like to stop by when we are not there, please send us an email or direct message through instagram.

Can I use photos from your website for my article, mood board, website, etc?

Not without permission first. Please email us and let us know what image you would like to use and why.

Can apply for an internship?

Maybe not. At the moment we are not set up to take on interns, but send us a message and tell us about yourself - ya never know.

I’d like to visit the desert. What should I do there?

Check out our guide of all of our favorite things to do in the desert.